Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[POST FINALE] Mixed Feelings on Gu Family Book Episode 24

I'm not gonna do any recap because I haven't watched the episode with subtitles and I really do suck doing those things but I'm gonna make a reaction to what I have just watched. I am now currently writing this blog right after watching the finale of Gu Family Book.

Seriously, I don't know what I feel. Let me recount my emotional spectra all throughout those 60minutes of GFB Finale.

First, I was panicking because my stream is lagging haha. Anyway, the show started in a way that the villain is finally captured (so yes, Lee Soon Shin won, Jo Gwan Woong lost) but someone still got shot which was the cliffhanger in episode 23. And it was Yeo Wool. So Kangchi went berserk and I thought it was already Yeo Wool's end since she already collapsed and all but when KC nearly kills JGW's minion, he hears YW call him out weakly. So yes, she still wasn't dead. I have mixed emotions during this part because she freaking got shot then she collapsed then all of a sudden she's alive and was still able to call out KC's name. I don't know, but I felt betrayed. I guess it was not well timed/paced for me so KC stopping himself from killing the minion was kind of off for me as well as YW able to gain consciousness.

Second, during the time that YW was in pain she asked Kangchi for wishes like how she gave them to him back in episode 22. This was a sweet part for me despite YW being in pain. KC was willing to do anything for her at that point since she's all weak and all. First, she wanted a family dinner so they set it up for her. Despite being in pain, she endured it and me being a melodramatic and all, I cried the entire fucking time. Seriously, it really was a tearjerker! Then she asked to be with him by the river. I didn't exactly understood everything they said to each other but I kind of felt all throughout those scenes that she was gonna die. I seriously tweeted that if she didn't die, I'm throwing a fit because I was already invested in her dying because of all those last supper scenes and her father sort of giving her away to KC. Then she really died! Gawd. I bawled my eyes out! I'm such a crybaby! I was actually waiting for a miracle but it didn't happened and she stayed dead. And because I'm as crazy as eff, I was now wishing at that point that the writers ruin their plot just so YW goes back to life and have a happy ending with KC.

Is this the face I wanted to see in Yeowool when GFB ends? NOO! I would have loved it if she recognized him!

And finally, they actually ruined it in a way because of the twist that they opted to go to. I am not really a big fan of reincarnations so I was hoping that they'll both end up dead instead of reincarnating. But the effing writers did what I asked them not to do! I felt like I was watching Arang and the Magistrate again though this time, KC is really KC just in another time space continuum and not a little brat like how Arang ended. I was hoping that they'd do a 49days-ish ending. That ending would have worked for me. Together in the afterlife was better than reincarnating! Ah! Now I'm remembering why I hate Rooftop Prince's ending too! Dammit! Stupid reincarnation!

The reason why I hate reincarnations is that, I was fully invested in this character who was living in the past but the main character ends up with the character who just shared the same face and this time, name as well, with that past character. It was like accepting or reintroducing myself to a new character and not the original one that I wanted the main character to be with. And what is more painful is that, that character I was invested into is already dead! Reincarnations are not the same as the original ones. For me they are f\effing new characters that the writers wrote just so the ending of the drama is somewhat a "happy ending". Screw happy endings if I only get time jumps and reincarnations for them to be called "HAPPY". ARGH.

P.S. After watching lots of reincarnation endings, I still am not a big fan of them. Good thing, I am a big fan of GFB and it still is definitely gonna be one of my kdrama favorites but I guess, Reply 1997 and City Hunter still tops that list.
P.P.S. After organizing somehow my thoughts through this blog, I realized that GFB made me feel again what I have felt when I watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop Prince. The series was good, every single thing about it, from the first episode to the second to the last episode, but its just that the finale betrayed me.

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