Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Tonight is the night that this precious gem comes to a close. All I can say is that whatever happens, this drama will always be close to my heart. The episode last night might have been a major cock-blocker due to its anti-climactic plot but I still have set my hopes up on tonight's finale. I just know it, it's going to be epic (i hope! haha). I just hope that they would be able to tie up all loose ends (there are still so many) or open end the story in a way that it would give us the contentment that we need. Writing, story wise and script wise, I couldn't ask for more. They gave me what I need to be able to get out of my KDrama-watching block. Directing and editing, not that awesome but atleast they were able to pull through the 23 (as of now) episodes.

Acting, what could I say? Hmmn, Lee Seunggi never fail to amaze me with his talent, he can cry (prettily too!), make you laugh and bring you all the emotions. Suzy is already there, she just proved to me (through this drama) that she deserve the roles that are given to her. Lee Yoobi, rookie actress in her own right (this girl should be given a rookie actress award, from Nice Guy to GFB), I can see a bright future in her acting career. Let's just hope that she chooses her roles well. Sung joon, still pretty as ever. Watching him breaks my heart in a good way because that just means that he is doing his job well especially in this series since he didn't get the girl. Yoo Yeon Seok, OMG! New KDrama crush. Haha! I expect him to be awesome in his new drama just like how he fared well in GFB. Choi Jin Hyuk, I loved him more in this series. I may have some bias, but what can I say, he is just that fantastic! Lee Yeon Hee, in all fairness, she did well in her finale episode and this must be the best role that I have watched her in. And all the other characters/cast, everyone were amazeballs! So to the Casting Team, kudos to you guys!

OST. ONE WORD: FANTASTIC ;) I found my new favorite OST song: "Love Is Blowing" by Lee Ji Young.

Gosh. I can't help it. This drama made me fall in love with Korean Dramas all over again. So to the GFB team, THANK YOU! :) We had our ups and downs. I had my breakdown (ehemSEOHWAANDWOLRYUNGehem). I have loved the parental love story that it even made me breakdown at some point. It was well written and it was a true big risk. Having an initial doubter in SeoHwa was what made it much more interesting. It was a twist for me. Heartbreaking but still beautiful. It was also beautifully concluded that I couldn't asked for more about that story arc. I also had my crazy giddiness for the romantic storyline (my roommate always make fun of me because of my antics whenever I watch GFB haha). I had a few disappointments (ehemEPISODE23ehem). And I had my fair share of tears and laughter. But at the end of everything, Gu Family Book is going to kick of City Hunter and Reply 1997 as my top Kdrama of all time.

And finally due to this drama I now have my newest OTP. Haha. Thank god for having a well based love story complete with a reason and background for it. The love didn't come out from nowhere. It was slow but well paced and with that Yeo Wool and Kangchi's love was sweet and kinda realistic (hello gumiho genes) haha!
P.S. Don't worry Shin Minah, you'll always be my first choice for LSG haha.

OMG! Can't wait for tonight's finale! I hope they go out with an epic BANG! haha! Gu Family Book Hwaiting! ;)

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