Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[POST FINALE] Mixed Feelings on Gu Family Book Episode 24

I'm not gonna do any recap because I haven't watched the episode with subtitles and I really do suck doing those things but I'm gonna make a reaction to what I have just watched. I am now currently writing this blog right after watching the finale of Gu Family Book.

Seriously, I don't know what I feel. Let me recount my emotional spectra all throughout those 60minutes of GFB Finale.


Tonight is the night that this precious gem comes to a close. All I can say is that whatever happens, this drama will always be close to my heart. The episode last night might have been a major cock-blocker due to its anti-climactic plot but I still have set my hopes up on tonight's finale. I just know it, it's going to be epic (i hope! haha). I just hope that they would be able to tie up all loose ends (there are still so many) or open end the story in a way that it would give us the contentment that we need. Writing, story wise and script wise, I couldn't ask for more. They gave me what I need to be able to get out of my KDrama-watching block. Directing and editing, not that awesome but atleast they were able to pull through the 23 (as of now) episodes.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013



[Random Thoughts] Nice Guy

Wow. No one actually died. LOL. I kind of expected that since the drama was kind of in a nice environment, sort of, not your typical makjang - dark with characters having very twisted minds. They were twisted, especially Han Jae Hee and Ahn Min Young but in the long run, they were all redeemed. They found their ways. This was expected because of the feel of the drama and at every end of an arc, you'll always know that the leads won their battle. Because they met my expectations, I kind of feel that Lee Kyung Hee could have done better. I was expecting that they'll debunk my expectations and blow me in their final episode since episode 19 was kind of a filler episode just to make way for a spectacular finale.

But as I look back, this drama has taken me to extreme emotions. I think I'll still stick with City Hunter as still the best drama out there but Nice Guy definitely comes in second for me. It was well written and definitely