Wednesday, November 7, 2012

[MOVIE REVIEW] Architecture 101

Sweet, mellow and definitely the movie for the people who experienced a young first love. At first, I just knew that this movie was starred by Suzy and because it was gaining buzz, I got curious. When I started the movie, I was shocked to see Han Ga In and most especially, Uhm Tae Woong. Like, wtf? Why didn't I know this was a Tae Woong movie? Am I that off the movie scene that I didn't had a single clue about this? Anyway, I figured that it must have been "popular" because of him.

[Spoiler ahead] Moving on, to the story, it was light and well delivered. What amazed me with this movie is that I knew that it would go one way or the other, happy or a sad ending for the characters but at the last minute I was kind of sure that it was going to be the former because they were leading me to it. But then the cruel thing happened and they didn't end up together. After gaining momentum on the confrontation, it became anti climactic after as it pan out to its end.

I kind of get why it had to be that way but after everything, all those cute times together as they build the house, I was hoping for them to make it together. Looking back, I kind of realize that it was only Seo Yeon who remembered everything about her first love. From the start, Seung Min already showed that he forgot her, maybe it was out of spite, but metaphorically, he did move on while she didn't, hence the divorce.

The characters were perfect for their roles. Suzy did a great job. She is indeed doing better. Han Ga In, as usual, is pretty and was fantastic. Its my first time to watch Lee Je Hoon and I can say he has great potential and he looks like Uhm Tae Woong, so that's a plus. And of course, spectacular as always, Uhm Tae Woong. I can't say anymore, he's always great.

The feel of the movie, via cinematography, was great. It really made me feel melancholic and nostalgic. I did envy Seo Yeon for having such a first love. I don't have the same experiences but through the film, I felt like I also kinda did. Overall, the movie is a solid 8/10.

P.S. I love the garden on the roof! Also, I kind of saw some Moon Sun similarities, like young Seo Yeon planting and not telling Seung Min what she planted. There is another one but I kinda forgot. LOL.

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