Sunday, November 4, 2012

[MOVIE REVIEW] Spellbound/Chilling Romance (2011)

I am not a big fan of horror. As much as possible, I don't watch any of it. But Chilling Romance was an exception since it's a Son Ye Jin film. Yep, my favorite actress, Son Ye Jin. So it's a given that I watch this movie. Good thing that it wasn't totally horror. It was more comedic and romantic. *Phew*

It was quite thrilling though, watching the movie at 1:00am in the morning can really send you chills but what makes me stick my eyes on the screen is the light plot and good chemistry of the lead stars. I will be honest and say that anything that Ye Jin does is AWESOME for me so I am not going to dwell on her as I can go on and on about how well she did on this movie.
Lee Minki on the other hand, this is the second time I get to watch him. The first one is 2008's Romantic Island which was set in the beautiful country, my country, the Philippines. Anyway, I really can't remember him in that movie though. LOL. I think he played the love interest of Eugene. Anyway, again, back to Minki, I adored him here. He was not over acting, just right. He knew how to deliver his lines and his look fit that of the character. So I could say, he is the best for this role.
He and Ye Jin also has good chemistry. I totally loved their drunk moments. Also when Minki's character started to like Ye Jin's (during the blind date that he set up). And most especially, I love the final scene. I totally dig Minki's outcry to Ye Jin over the phone. =D
It was funny and heartwarming. It shows how important it is to have friends and companions. Indeed, no man is an island. Which brings me to the minor characters of the movie. Park Min Chul did his part well as the comedic side kick of Minki. The two phone friends of Ye Jin were funny too and you get to sympathize with them for Ye Jin's character because they are caring enough for her even over the phone. I also hated the guts of Minki's girlfriend in the movie. So I can say she's effective.

A criticism though, the plot was a bit predictable. It has all the formulaic cliches of a romantic comedy. So it's actually an easy watch. But as a korean fan, I give this movie a rating of 8/10.

P.S. I will always love this look of Ye Jin-unni. keke. 

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