Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yoo Seung Ho on 'I Miss You' as Second Lead

This drama is going to give me a heart attack. LOL. I just posted about this and now I'm posting another post because Yoo Seung Ho is now confirmed to be acting as Yoochun's rival in MBC's upcoming drama 'I Miss You'. The drama is going to replace Arang and the Magistrate, to which YSH just acted as the Jade Emperor. Gosh. This drama is just getting better and better on the casting department. Yoochun + Yoon Eun Hye + the teenagers and now, Yoo Seung Ho! I just wish they'll be able to deliver on the plot and the directing area.

From being perky Jade Emperor, I wonder what his personality would be in this drama. Would it be jolly like in Arang or snarky and bitter like all the other second leads? Actually, I take that back, the natural nature of the second leads now a days are bubbly and martyr, so I guess I would wish for a selfish YSH on this one for a change. :)

Now, I can't definitely wait for November. 'I Miss You' airs November on MBC.

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