Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[RANDOM THOUGHTS] Arang and the Magistrate Episode 10

I guess my love for Arang has returned! I have been lagging behind on this drama because of the past couple of episodes. In a word, those episodes are BORING. It has just been episodes of secrets after secrets. Atleast in episode 10, we get to have some answers and I get a little giddy because of Magistrate's denial on what he really feels for Arang.

First, I'll comment on the "it"-that-should-not-be-told-to-Moo-Yeong story. Gawd. It has been a million dollar question for me about Magistrate's mom and where she came from. Now, I get to have a step towards knowing her more. My theory is that, Moo Yeon was jealous of Moo Yeong (they may be connected in someway, siblings perhaps?) that she's doing all these shit so she took Magistrate's mother's body and used it so that the gods won't be able to touch her directly. That simple fact, gods can't touch humans, also what made me like the story as a whole, even these gods have limitations like the Greek gods and all those other myths that we have grown up with. Which gives the story a little plot.

Second, oh how I love how Arang never defy Magistrate even in front of the Young Master. hoho. That scene where the young master was walking Arang home and then Magistrate happens to pass by just put a big smile on my face. I can't help but be very giddy when Magistrate annoyingly saw them and stretched out his hand for Arang to take. Arang then didn't put up a fight and just took his hand and they both rode out to the sunset; or for this case to the darkness in the mountains with a side of fogginess.

Then there was the "I just told you now because I know it's not important" scene. Oh Arang. Can't you see that Magistrate is in love with you already that is why he's mad that you are going in two months and didn't have the decency to tell him?! And Magistrate, please just let go and accept that you love our little Arang-ie? :)

Then there's the jealous Magistrate pulling Arang around the market, buying her clothes, and walking to 'Heaven'. A jealous Magistrate is scary and sweet at the same time. LOL. Love him.

The last frame where they looked at each other and just smiled makes me hate the line 'calm before the storm'. I guess that scene just reminds me that all this happiness I am feeling for my OTP now is going to be crushed by the writers soon. I just hope its not in episode 11.

P.S. The drama has ended but I have been trying very hard not to read any recaps or spoilers so yeah... i'll get back to watching A&M Ep 11 :)

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