Saturday, October 27, 2012

Style Icon Awards: Eunji & Seo In Guk Reunion

yayy! Eunji & Seo In Guk (Reply 1997) are back in each other's arms. LOL. Both walked the red carpet of Style Icon Awards together and accepted their award as part of the top 10 Style Icons of the Year. Winners were selected through online voting (30%), research preference surveys (30%), and evaluation done by members of the executive committee and 100 specialists (40%).

This award is given to stars who have been influential in the field of fashion. I don't know about fashion but this two stars have been influential in a way that they have a top rating drama and a chart topping duet under their belt. They have a lot of fans all over the Kpop and Kdrama scene and I bet that at the end of the year drama ceremonies, if only Reply was part of the big three stations, they would be this year's best couple. I wish tVN has their own ceremonies just so I get to see this couple walk together as dates at the Year-end drama award ceremonies.


I have comments on their ceremony outfits though. I really don't dig Eunji's outfit for the night, but still she look gorgeous beside In Guk. LOL. I like the fedorra hat though. She really rocks those kinds of hats, its the bangs perhaps. Seo In Guk looks dashing on his suit though. I just don't like his hair do. Messy doesn't fit him. But all in all, they complement each other and they are totally OTP worthy.

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