Saturday, October 27, 2012

[RANDOM THOUGHTS] Arang and the Magistrate Episode 17

This must be the revealing episode. Everything is now out in the open. Lee Seo Rim's death, Ju Wal's past and crimes and of course, the one I have been waiting for... Arang's confession.

First, Lee Seo Rim's death was such a big mystery to me with different speculations but none of those speculations came close to the real thing. I guess I am not that of a big drama junkie to predict the writers or I haven't really put any thought into it and just let the drama take me all the way without questions. But still, I was shocked and blown away by how it turned out. What amazes me is that whatever happened that night it was indeed Magistrate's mom who killed Arang, with or without intent, it was still his mom who killed Arang. So the conflict would now culminate as to how Arang and Magistrate would decide on Arang's and Magistrate's mom's fate. His mom has to die for her to go to heaven or else she's going to hell. In this situation, I would just leave the reasoning to the writers because its such a big decision, you mom or your true love. In the kdrama scene, this is a big thing.

Then there's Ju Wal's past. I think I'm going to take back what I said about not being sympathetic with Ju Wal. In this episode, all pity and sympathy points go to Ju Wal. Because of his storyline that I super hate Moo Yeon now. Gahd. Whenever I see Ju Wal now, all I can think of is gathering him in my arms and hugging him to the ends of the earth.

And ofcourse, the highlight of the episode, Arang's confession. Finally! I get to have my Arang and the Magistrate Kisssssss! <3 Arang finally came to terms with her feelings and Magistrate's feelings. Good thing Bang Uri came through to her and she gets to give that memories strength to Magistrate before she leaves town. LOL. I hope I get to have a cute date montage, but with the darkness and the heaviness the story is flowing through now, all I could do is hope for it.

P.S. the cutest scene would be the following day of the kiss, Arang is now a little awkward with Magistrate. yihee. It's not the weird kind of awkward but the good kind and the cute kind.

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