Sunday, October 28, 2012

[RANDOM THOUGHTS] Arang and the Magistrate Finale

I didn't understand the last sequence LOL so I had to read dramabeans' recap. Reading... then blog... Oh, they were reincarnated... then Magistrate was only joking, right? He was joking? But ohwell, it was still a cute ending. Anyway onto some other points/thoughts I want to convey...

I was wrong, I thought it was Magistrate's mother who killed her, then during episode 18-19 and maybe til 20, I thought it was Joo Wal but then he did suicide so I was left with no one to blame. And then came the truth that it was just Arang herself all along. Dang. I am no good in all this afterlife predictions! Anyway, that much had made their life more complicated so it was good enough for me. More complications, better drama. But then it's the finale! Good thing they were able to tie up the pieces well. Not in a very grand and OA way, but in subtle ways which was more effective for me.

I was glad that Joo Wal became a Grim Reaper. He suits the role since he hate all those human feelings that he felt when he was human. And as a Grim Reaper, unlike Moo Yeong, he has to not feel any remorse on to whomever. I kind of like the part where he swore that he would just be behind Arang but he won't love her. That, I think was what gave him the right to become a successful Reaper. Love is not for them and certainly not the care that comes along with that love.

Then there's Bang Uri and the new Magistrate, Dol Swe. Awh. It was good that they ended up together, I assume (Uri did name her child Eun Oh, after Dol Swe's bestfriend, right?). And they both deserve what positions they were in now. Uri having a success in business and Dol Swe becoming the Magistrate. I can't ask anymore for them though. They get what they deserve and I think it was a good ending for them. Geo Dol & Lord Choi also deserve where they are now. I hope there would be a special or something where Joo Wal would be able to capture the both of them and send them to hell. LOL. I'd love that.

Awh. And I won't ever forget Yeom Ra. Hahaha. Jade Emperor too (I'm going to see Seung Ho in IMY anyway LOL). I would miss their plays and banters. Good thing Jade Emperor re-incarnated Moo Yeong atleast Yeom Ra is happy. This two and their bromance has been my breather and what makes my episode watching complete. LOL.

And finally, my two cuties, Arang and Magistrate. They didn't end with a grand gesture or anything but they did end on a cute, colorful (the flowers) and gentle way which was kind of appropriate since everything that they went through had been gloomy and intense. I didn't even get to have the cute first date montage! Atleast there was another kiss and hand holding and Eun Oh telling Arang he loved her back.

All in all I was satisfied with this drama. It won't go into my top 5 list but it had made me a one joyful and satisfied watcher. I still like Shin Minah as a gumiho though but her being a ghost is also kinda cute. I wonder what her next project would be, another supernatural perhaps? :)

Had a great ride with Arang and the Magistrate. Highly Recommended Drama.

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