Saturday, October 27, 2012

[RANDOM THOUGHTS] Nice Guy Episode 14

Seo Eun Gi, I want to apologize. I thought you were joking. But still I want to be pissed at you for being a coward. Can't you just take the truth and face the issue head on than keeping it all in and using your brain damage to forget what you want to forget? You and Maru are just going around in circles. But I guess that's how this drama works just for it to fill in 20 episodes or 16? I think it's 20 since its a 막장 (makjang).

I have come to realize that I have already came to a point that I don't believe in any rubbish Han Jae Hee is saying anymore. That wench is already on my top villains list and I am going to curse this show if they ever try to give her some kind of redemption in the end. She is never going to deserve it after everything she has done to Eun Gi. Poor Eun Gi.

I love how Eun Seok, despite being pushed away by Eun Gi in the past, is still loyal to his sister. I love how this kid isn't like his mother who wants the luxurious things in life but just the simple things like family. I just hope for the best for this kid to not grow up like his mother. He's too good to be Han Jae Hee's son. The best part in that scene would be when Eun Seok left the living room crying and hating his mother. What a big blow to the face for Jae Hee. She deserved that. That bitch.

I would just like to comment on how unrealistic the deal with CEO Nam has been. If I was in his shoes, I wouldn't invest on a brain damaged director. But then I remembered that this is a drama and anything is possible just so the heroine gets to win one round after all the loses she has accumulated in the past.

Finally, I wouldn't forget Maru's smirk at Jae Hee when he knew he has won another round versus the wench. Maru is really a genius, he knows when to use his cards and on this round it was now necessary to pull the murder crime Jae Hee put on his head as well as Jae Hee's oppa's testimony over her planning Eun Gi's disappearance forever. GAHD. Joon Ha was right. If Jae Hee had just chosen Maru, she would have had more than she could have now, with Maru's brain and determination and her slyness (yeah that's what she's good at), they can have everything. Too bad she only realized that now when she asked Lawyer Ahn to separate Maru and Eun Gi and have Maru all for herself. It's way too late, Han Jae Hee, you'll never get anything from the guy anymore. You have already took way too much and its now time for him to take them all back.

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