Saturday, October 27, 2012

[ON THE RADAR] Park Shin Hye

I just recently finished Heartstrings and I can say that Park Shin Hye has gotten better in the acting department, not that she's not good because she is good. She has been cute ever since You're Beautiful so it's a plus there. Now, I have just read that she has a cameo role on the upcoming SBS drama 'King of Dramas' starring one of my favorite korean actresses, Jung Ryeo Won and my super hot idol bias, Choi Siwon.

I looked Shin Hye up and from what I had gathered, her last main role has been Heartstrings and a one-episode special for KBS. I guess she was busy for her movie, December 23rd. Now having this cameo role makes me want her to take up on a new drama, pronto!. I kinda missed this girl and I am kind of excited to know what she has in store for 2013 because I think its already kinda late for a 16-episode drama for a 2012 slate. And I definitely hope that when she decides for her next role, its for a 16-20 episode drama. I definitely bet its going to be another romcom but I can take whatever I can take.

King of Dramas is slated to premiere November 5, Monday-Tuesday timeslot.

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