Friday, October 26, 2012

[RANDOM THOUGHTS] Nice Guy Episode 13

The hell with your brain injury, Seo Eun Gi! You are such a smart girl... You think I will believe you saying you don't remember Maru? Obviously, you just hate what you remember so it's better for you to just 'not know' him than confronting the issue. Gahd. Can't the guy change?!

Writers, you are breaking my heart with all these melodrama cliches you are putting on for me to watch. But that's the plus side on these kinds of dramas though, there is sort of depth, heartbreaking depth, unlike the "depth" most romcoms get to explore just to make the story all fluff.

The last time I watched a melodrama with this kind of tugging its bringing me, I guess it would be 'Will It Snow For Christmas?'. That drama just crushes my heart every episode just like what Nice Guy episodes since Eun Gi's brain damage had given me.

Maru's mantra at the moment must be 'At least I changed now...'. Well, I can't blame him and Eun Gi has no right too. She can't blame him that he loved Han Jae Hee before her. And Eun Gi, please remember your old self before you punish Maru. If Maru didn't have real feelings for Eun Gi now, I would have had cursed Maru to death like what I did before the accident, I was all for Eun Gi. But now, the tides had changed and Maru is laying his life for her (plus he has Hematoma, which I think is going to be heart tugging at the last episodes) and now, just because of a past that she can't fully remember, she's punishing him?! Darn you writers for making Eun Gi like this. :))


P.S. How gorgeous of a pair are they?

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