Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[RANDOM THOUGHTS] Arang and the Magistrate Episode 12

I was wrong. The calm before the storm was longer than I thought. The calm gave me a very cute and lovely episode 11. With all the cuteness and happiness from the Marang couple :) It kind of extended thru episode 12, which I am currently watching and I currently paused because it is giving me a heartache... Magistrate was ready to tell Arang about his feelings (i think) but Arang stopped him and said that the moon was nearing its fullness, hence a month has passed and only one full moon to go where she has to leave. It just breaks my heart that they can't tell each other how they feel because of this fact that they have to part soon. Gahd. I'm so into this now. LOL.

Now resuming... and after finishing...

I thought the scene in the field was heartbreaking but what breaks me the most was the last scene. Damn you Arang and your noble idiotic act. You really love him? Tell him! Gahd. One month. He knows that but still, he told you what he feels. This could be the start of the storm that I was predicting. Arang being the idiot and Magistrate as the fool, going after the girl who clearly isn't honest about her feelings. Good thing I can see that Magistrate isn't ready to give up yet. I just hope that last act Magistrate did wouldn't be put to waste in episode 13.

Joo Wal. I really don't feel bad for Joo Wal even if I think I should since he's in love with Arang yet he has a mission to fulfill blah blah bah bah... It's just that he's so passive looking and such a pushover that it's too much. The pity that I should have for him enough for me to like him has exceeded its limits, that I didn't want to like him anymore. In a word, I am ANNOYED with him.

Love. The big L word that is toxic to the madam, or Moo Yeon. I think its the main topic of the episode. Seo Rim associating love with attraction at first sight, enough for her to propose to Joo Wal then and there. Arang, on the other hand, thinks its the care and worry that a person gives to you, as what the seamstress told her. Feeling this worry from Magistrate, I think she has an idea that Magistrate likes her, to which he did confirm but because of circumstances she can't accept this love. And then there's the Madam's take on love. It's a foolish feeling that is only for the weak. Uhm, humans naturally feel love and since you are not one, you don't really know what it is Moo Yeon. I think that she felt love before, and since it ended badly (i guess since she's a one bitter bitch) she doesn't believe in it anymore. It's just a guess so we'll see and I can't wait for the big flashback on her and Moo Yeong's past. :)

Who really annoyed me in this episode? It's gonna be Dol Swe! I get that he's all protective of Magistrate but I think its excessive already. Or not. I may just be biased because he shouted at Arang but still, it was quite harsh. The good thing out of that scene would be Magistrate's concern over Arang. And now don't get me started on Bang Uri (which I think is a funny name because if you switch Bang & Uri it means 'Our Room'), good secret keeper my ass!

Anyway, these are just some rants that I have for A&tM :) <3coffee

P.S. there is just too much cuteness here. gahd. Shin Minah, how i missed your gumiho days ;)

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