Friday, October 26, 2012

'I MissYou' Teasers

OMG! The 'I Miss You' teasers have been released! This is the first time that I have been this super excited with a drama to the point of even watching out for its teasers.

From one melodrama to another. From Nice Guy to this. My life couldn't get any more dramatic. LOL. This 2011 and 2012 had been a stream of romcoms and saeguk for me. I kinda think that I need more of these melodramas in my system to balance out all the fluff that I have been watching.

On to the teasers... Bloody. That's my first take. At age 15, being brutally abused by the elders is some kind of traumatizing and sad for me. With murders in their scripts and all this forbidden love I have been hearing from the drama fans, I guess I am quite excited on how this drama would tackle the young love story to their adulthood. I would bet this drama has a probability of ending on a sad note and with the teaser I have seen, I am ready for that take. The entire thing is just so sad and screwed up that I think a little wrong turn in the 16-20 episodes this drama would travel to, would ruin all of it. I just hope that they have a solid script to hold on to the following this drama is gaining because of its stellar cast.

I just can't wait for this drama to start. At the moment though, I still have no solid take if I like this drama for its story but I know for sure that I love this drama because of its casting.


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