Monday, October 29, 2012

[ON THE RADAR] Nam Ji Hyun

Oh how I missed this girl. Not only on the feeling of missing her but I literally missed her out on the drama 'To the Beautiful You'. Gahd. How could I have not know it was her? Stupid me.

I have first watched Nam Ji Hyun on Will it Snow for Christmas? and I adored her as the young counterpart of Han Ye Seul. She and Kim Soo Hyun also have the chemistry so I was glad that they get to do Giant together even if they weren't paired (I think. I didn't get to watch the drama entirely). And ever since I have been waiting for Ji Hyun to get a notable role but at the moment, to no luck. But I still do believe she can make it. I can wait for her. Haha.

But then a cruel thing happened and I just found out that she was the girl who portrayed the short time girlfriend of Eun Gyeol in 'To the Beautiful You', Da Hae. I loved her there! I was actually rooting for her to comeback in the finale and she and Eun Gyeol get to have a second chance but I guess they didn't have thought of that. I really don't care now though as the drama is a major finale disaster. Actually it wasn't that good. It was just all fluff and cute. It was an easy watch, where in I only get to finish it because I like Minho and Sulli together. LOL. I know, they were terrible but I like them.

I searched her a bit and I found out she and Lee Hyun Woo, who played Eun Gyeol, were in Queen Seon Deok together. That's cute. They reunited after three years!

Last Feb 2012, Ji Hyun also played as a girl detective in a 4-episode drama entitled Girl Detective Park Hae Sol. I missed that too! Imma search for that. Hihi.

Now, Ji Hyun's still on the limbo I think. I hope 2013 bring her good luck. I also hope she and Soo Hyun cross paths again. LOL.


  1. I came across to this blog when I was browsing everything Nam Ji Hyun. It seems like you are a fan of her, too and it's nice to know. Not many people I know who like her. Well, I love her from Queen Seondeok, and meanwhile I know that many people rooting for her and Soo Hyun, I kind of hoping she will get a chance to be paired up with Lee Hyun Woo again. xD. FYI, Ji Hyun and Hyun Woo has known each other since they were kids. They were together in Lobbyist (2007), Great King Sejong (2008), Queen Seondeok (2009) and To The Beautiful You. If I'm not wrong, Ji Hyun's cameo in TTBY was because of Hyun Woo, too. xDDD Now I like them together xD

    1. really? oh my thank you for the info! :) i was rooting for them in TTBY... hahaha. actually anyone paired with Ji Hyun is okay as long I get to see her act again :)

    2. Yup. You should check her out in those dramas, especially Queen Seondeok and Lobbyist because she was really amazing. Oh, even Ji Hyun was "complaining" how come she meets Hyun Woo very often <3. I also want her to act again. Even looking for her news are difficult ><. She's matured enough now, I think they should give her a starring role in that kind of story, not only the younger version of the lead actress. ><