Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[RANDOM THOUGHTS] The Moon That Embraces The Sun

I can't help but smile at the entire thing. I had high hopes for this drama and it didn't fail me completely unlike what Secret Garden did. LOL. It wasn't perfect and the conflict was predictable and so are the moves of the parties at war but all in all the pros outweighs the cons.

This is my first time to watch Han Ga In and all I can say is that she projected a perfect should be Queen of Joseon. She was caring and gentle. Innocent but not in a over acting kind of way. I like the times when she get to be the naughty one. LOL. She is definitely pretty. I think she's older than Soo Hyun and even Il Woo but she doesn't look old for her age. In fact, she is a baby-faced beauty. In her acting, Han Ga In had been tried and tested as she has been in the industry for quite sometime now. And she proved that in her acting as Heo Yeon Woo. GAHD. I love everything about Yeon Woo, even from the start. I envy her actually. I wish I was more like her. LOL.

Then there was Yang Myung Gun. Oh how I wish you didn't die if they killed you in the way that they did. Why was his death like that? Yang Myung's death was one of the scenes that I hated. It was stupid. The King already called out that there was still a threat and there kind of had a lag time before the javelin was thrown. And what did the soldiers did? They just watched! I wished it was done in a surprise attack kind of way so it would be much more realistic. I get how Yang Myung wants to die but I just don't get how the servants of the palace just stood there. Weren't they there to protect the Royal Family? Which includes the late Prince Yang Myung! Anyway, my take on Yang Myung is that I pity him. Oh how I would have killed for him to get a different partner. Why does it had to be Yeon Woo all the time. As I said during a scene, 'even if in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or how many lives you get, she will always choose Hwon'. Jung Il Woo is good at being the perky, free spirited guy so playing the role was an easy piece for him. I liked him more as Scheduler though. LOL.

And of course, My Prince, My Love and currently My Favorite Actor, who played the most awesome and wisest King of Joseon, Kim Soo Hyun! GAHD. He was perfect as King. I have watched him since Will It Snow For Christmas and I can't help but feel proud on how Soo Hyun portrayed Lee Hwon. He was phenomenal. I was all for him all throughout the story. SORRY Il Woo OPPA! =) From being with Yeon Woo/Wol to being the King of Joseon. I can't say anything more. Kim Soo Hyun did a splendid job on this one. He just certified his royal status in the Korean Drama industry. And I can't help but become a very proud fan.

*I cried the most when Seol died, ugh! Yoon Seung Ah was good in her dying scene (I was rooting for her and Yeom). But I can say that she's never going to be a lead in a melodrama because she's too cute and the way she talk is like talking in a baby-talk way.

*I hate Min Hwa the most. Everything was her fault. I would never blame Heo Yeom though, he didn't have a choice that a crazy little princess likes him. What I don't get is that he indeed fell in love with her. GAHD. Why?! Min Hwa was much tolerable when she was younger.

*The queen was freaking funny. I love her going crazy scenes. Whenever I see her on screen, I anticipate the times when she would go to a corner and shout like a crazy person. LOL.

*I never did buy for a second that Yang Myung would betray the King. He knew that even if he became King he would never get Yeon Woo and I did believe he already accepted defeat in the love traingle department when he didn't kill the King the first time the King gave him an opportunity. And when he asked the ministers to sign the "Book of Heroes" as he called it, it sealed the deal. He was working for the King. ;)

*Bloodbath during the revolution. UGH. Didn't know such a cruel thing such as hunting existed during that time. If it was not a revolution, would they really kill each other?? I guess not.

*Un and Yang Myung bromance. Yeom and Yang Myung bromance. Un, Yang Myung and Yeom friendship. LOVE! I hate it that Yeom was not there when Yang Myung died. He didn't even have a scene of saying goodbye to him!

*Un and Hwon bromance. Hwon and Hyung Seon relationship. hihi. LOVE LOVE LOVE. That old man is just so adorable especially when he's happy for the King and when Hwon makes him stand in the corner and face the wall. LOL.

*I love Seol's loyalty to Yeon Woo. This must be the reason why I cried for her. :'(

*AND ofcourse, I hate it at times but frenemies Yang Myung & Lee Hwon are fun to watch together. LOL.

*I love the epilogue. Though I would have wanted more. Hahaha. I love Yeon Woo and Lee Hwon together. They are adorable. Soo Hyun and Ga In have chemistry. When they are on screen together, I tend to forget who they are and I get immersed in their characters.

*The little ones in the end were adorable!

*I would have love to see Jan Sil become the next Head Shaman though hahaha. But due to time constraints, I get it.

P.S. The LOL moment for me would always be Hwon's gayageum concert. hahaha.

I still have a lot of comments but I don't remember the others. LOL. But all in all, Moon Sun made my 2-day marathon worthwhile. I sooo love it! <3coffee

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