Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Marraiges Here and There in KDramaLand

Wow! I can't believe that a lot of the KDrama actors/actresses that I have loved over the years are getting married one by one. June must really be the month of weddings. It just seemed like yesterday that I have watched Kim Jae Won oppa in Wonderful Life and Jung Suk Won oppa in Creating Destiny. And now both are in a committed to the heavens relationship. So, this post is just to reminisce how much these married guys have impacted in my life.

First person that I am going to talk about is going to be Kim Jae Won. I first encountered Jae Won-oppa in 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant where in he starred the title role with Ha Ji Won. I can't remember the movie really well since I have watched it years back. But I do remember the plot and some of the hilarious scenes in the movie. And I can remember really well that my friends and I had a great laugh when we watched that movie. The next time I saw Jae Won oppa was when he starred in Wonderful Life alongside Eugene. I remember having a marathon of that series where in a matter of 5 or 6 days, I got great laughs and also a couple of cries. With these drama/movie, I can say that his strong point is comedy and I enjoy him the most in that genre. Not that he can't do serious stuff since he recently was in May Queen, which I wasn't able to finish (I didn't even get to watch the grownups, hence I haven't really seen Jae Won oppa do the hardcore serious role). I also remember trying to watch Can You Hear My Heart but I really suck in watching weekend dramas that I can't even get past the third episode mark. I can do say that despite his comedic impression in my life, I do think that he is a great and serious guy as well.

With this personality, not only in dramas but also in real life (I haven't read up anything against him), I do think he is going to be a great husband (he was a great dad in WL! The husband department was kind of meh, but he did manage haha!) to his non-showbiz wife. I wish him well and lots of future success not only in his career but also in his family life. Hwaiting oppa!

Next is going to be Jung Suk Won who recently got married to Baek Ji Young. You might know BJY more since she is a famous singer but since I love dramas and this is a drama blog, I am going to talk about Suk Won oppa whom I have watched in a couple of dramas in the past years. Technically, I first watched him in Worlds Within which was topbilled by Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo (side comment: I still hope HB & SHK gets back together and get married haha!) where he portrayed the role of an actor since it was a drama about creating a drama. But, whenever I see Suk Won oppa, I would never forget his role in Creating Destiny which was starred by now married Eugene and Ki Tae Young. He portrayed a role wherein he was in love with Tae Young's noona who was a single mother and became a beloved uncle to that woman's daughter. Because of him, I can't forget the word 삼촌 (samchon) which means 'uncle'. That was what the kid always call him so whenever I see Suk Won oppa, I call him samchon. He was also in Midas and Rooftop Prince. And I remember when I was watching Midas, I didn't know that he was part of the cast. When I realized that he was Kim Hee Ae's bodyguard, I paused and shouted, 'SAMCHON! You're there!'. So yes, his defining moment for me would definitely be Creating Destiny (the only 30-episode drama that I got to finish). As for his role in Rooftop Prince, what can I say, everyone in that show was terrific and awesome.

I didn't really knew that JSW and BJY were dating and just now when all these wedding articles of them surfaced that I found out. Seeing their pre-wed pictures in magazines and other websites, I can't say anything other than that I am happy for them. I can see that they do look good together and I hope that they will last. 

And then there's Han Hye Jin who got married to soccer star, Ki Sung Yueng. I haven't really watched HHJ in any of her dramas but she is very familiar to me because she's pretty popular. I always see her name in headlines and I nearly watched her series Thorn Birds since I was on a 2011 KDrama Watching Roll but never got to it because when that drama was airing I was already watching lots of other dramas. It only made through my must-watch list of that year. So, I can't really say anything more about this unni of mine but I do hope that despite dating the soccer star for a short time and getting married right away that they would have a good marriage. Also, I heard that they will be postponing their honeymoon due to work, so I hope that this won't lead to any problems in their relationship as I can see that Han Hye Jin is loved by many and there really must be a reason behind that. So, I do think she deserves to be happy.

Well, there goes the married people and for those who are soon going to get married, here's my list...

First of is Bae Soo Bin who is going to get married in October 2013 to his graduate student girlfriend. I have read that the girl is way younger than he is. I have friends in that similar situation and I don't find anything wrong with it so, I would say that good luck to him and to his girlfriend and I hope that they will have a good engagement and a beautiful wedding ceremony in October. I have watched Soo Bin oppa in 49 Days and he was a great villain in that drama. I would have loved to claw his eyes out! Saying that as a compliment.

Lee Min Jung unni! Well, when it was confirmed that she was indeed dating Lee Byung Hun, I wasn't really happy about it. I am not a Lee Byung Hun hater, I just don't like him (not because of the scandal about him being a pervert or whatever, I really don't care if he has fetishes, he is entitled to them) ever since I saw him. But I am also entitled to my opinions. I don't know why, I guess it was because he is not that handsome in my eyes (yes I am being a physical judger here, my apologies) and he gets all these popularity and buzz worthy dramas. I am not one to judge really because I haven't really watched him in action, I haven't watched him in any of the dramas he has starred in. So I guess, he must really be good in his craft to get all these attention. But you can't blame me for not liking him or for judging him right on the spot. I am entitled to my own impressions and well, my first impression of him being unlikable transcended through the decade that I have loved KDramas and you can't blame me for that. I really don't know what is going to happen when I get to watch him act but, who knows, I might like him.

Any way, going back. The topic of my interest now is LMJ unni. I love her ever since I saw her in Boys over Flowers. I haven't finished that series but in the few and skipped episodes that I have watched, I just love seeing her being the annoying heiress and engaged partner to Lee Minho's Gu Jun Pyo. And I secretly would have loved it if she ended up with Kim Joon's Song Woo Bin. I think she is one of those actresses wherein I am going to endure watching and finishing a boring drama just because she is there, hello Midas (YES! It was freaking boring. But I did enjoy the stock market plays)! And also loving a drama that despite its crappy ending and screwed up plotline, I am going to really endure to the end just because of her, hello BIG! Good thing, being in Cyrano Dating Agency (the movie version) redeemed her streak of doing craptastic dramas in my kdrama life.

I don't know why I like Lee Min Jung very much that despite all of these bad choices in my book I still like her and I still look forward to seeing her dramas. I just hope that she is happy with him and they would live peacefully and happily.

And there goes my special blog for the time being. I can't believe that I have these thoughts written now. They were all just in my head, scattered and now they are here, not really well organized but organized in its own right. I look forward to reorganizing my thoughts in the future and thanks for reading, if anyone really is.

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