Friday, November 2, 2012

[RANDOM THOUGHTS] Sungkyunkwan Scandal

OMG! I love it. It was not ended in a manner that I would have liked but all in all it was a pretty good drama. I'll just have a rundown of points about my thoughts with this drama because I'm kinda lazy to blog at the moment and if I forgo this time to blog my thoughts out, I might forget them so here goes...

* Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki got the OTP show. I can't help but swoon everytime Gu Yong Ha blurts out love stuff towards Geol Oh. They are just so adorable. Not that I didn't like Yoochun and Park Min Young together, because I do like them together, its just that Yong Ha and Jae Shin were more cute and OTP-worthy in the entire stretch of the drama.

* ENDING was a blah. It was fast paced that the story-arc endings were not justified well. I mean, studying in Sungkyunkwan as a girl was a grave thing yet in the final episode, it felt as if everybody just let it go. She wasn't even put into trial for committing such a grave crime. I think they should have shown also how Yoon Shik became a professor as well. So that means everybody found out that she was a girl, not just the king and his closest allies who are also set on to protect Yoon Shik. Now that everybody knew, did that mean she was acquitted? Yeah, she was great and all but if she became a teacher, was the king successful to create the new Joseon that he wanted? Ahhh!, my thoughts are confusing but I am still not solve with the closure to Yoon Shik's case. I think the drama lacked the time in concluding her story arc because they revealed her as a girl at the very last episode.

*I liked the very last sequence though, a jealous Sun Jung is really fun to watch. haha.

*I can't believe that they just burned the Geum Deung Ji Sa. It was what they were looking for the entire drama and it wasn't even put to a good use?! (Sudden realization! Ah so the dream of the king.. could it be the justification for acquitting Yoon Shik or along those lines? hihi)

*LOL at the thought that out of the 4 scholars, it was Geol Oh, who at first didn't want to be an official, became the official.

*What could have happened to the President? I think he and Cho Sun deserved a closure after that saving the gisaeng thing. Was it a given that after he saved her, they were already a thing or something along that line? And I would just like to stress that Cho Sun may be the prettiest gisaeng of Joseon in this drama, she's the dumbest. LOL. For a woman like her, she must have had a hunch or two that Yoon Shik was a girl, right?

*About Yong Ha's secret, I think it was a late revelation that it didn't became very significant. And I am kinda questioning what was his job in the end? A fashion consultant? LOL.

*What's funny too is that Yoon Shik is called the girly scholar but never have they questioned if she really was. Only Yong Ha was that observant.

*I love the pokerface that is Yoochun. He really pulls off the look. I want to see him someday play a perkier role though.

*Jalgeum Quartet is LOVE! hihi. I love that they always win. Haha.

*And how could I freaking forget KIM GAB SOO?! GAHD. I miss that old man. Haha. He's the bad guy good guy in the drama and I can't help but swoon over him even if he was the bad guy. He was good but I think he can't pull off a bad guy role. His looks can't pass as a bad guy. Or I think its the number of dramas I have seen him in and he is always the good guy? LOL. But I love that he was in this drama.

I think I still have lots of comments but I can't seem to rack my brain anymore. Hoho. Despite all of the drama's flaws, I can still see why people are fond of it. It wasn't that fantastic as I thought it would be but it was enough to keep you watching and to keep you want for more of the four adorable leads. My baby boy Sun Jung, baby girl Yoon Shik, pogi boy Yong Ha & cutie boy Geol Oh.

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